September 29, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Beam won't get an Android 2.2 upgrade

The Samsung Galaxy Beam did not receive that Galaxy S-like hype hence, the spotlight was turned off on this device. This smartphone which runs on Android 2.1 is only available in Singapore, though.  Just a quick overview on what this Galaxy Beam is. I think, its not a Galaxy S, but it is the world's first and only smartphone with a projector. That's cool, but unfortunately it wasn't treated by Sammy the right way it deserves. As I have said, its only available in Singapore. Its got a 3.7 inch Super AMOLED touch screen display, an 8MP camera, and that projector! Where's the porjector? Click on read more.

Unfortunately, Samsung has announced that they will not upgrade the Galaxy Beam to Android 2.2. They said  that the "customer base is too small to justify for the allocation of dedicated resources at HQ.” Currently the Galaxy Beam's availability status in Singapore is "Sold Out" if it remains to be like that then I think it only means one thing, that Samsung has stopped production of the device. Odd right? Its a cool phone. It deserves better treatment.

Via: Unwired View


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