September 29, 2010

Nokia sets world record for the biggest cinema screen

Nokia has set a new world record for the world's biggest cinema screen. But a week back, they already broken a world record. It was the other way around, though, as the Nokia N8 broke the world record for the world's smallest stop motion animation, dubbed as Dot (video).

The Dot, is pretty amazing in itself, as it was shot by just a Nokia N8 using the CellScope Technology, but Nokia did not stop there. Today (Sept. 29th - Sweden), the biggest cinema screen in the world was erected in ROSENGĂ…RD, Sweden.

The people in Rosengard, was given a chance to watch a movie of a lifetime, as it was in the world's biggest cinema screen. The movie was powered by a Nokia N8 through the device's HDMI port.

Erecting the said screen was no easy task. The 1,428 square metre (that’s 51 metres x 28 metres) cinema screen was in fact so large that it needed to be assembled and watched outside and was hoisted and held on by two giant cranes. The movie was projected by 4 XLM HD30 projectors each of which weighs 140 kilos. The movie shot from the Nokia N8 through those projectors was the Prince Of Persia.
"About 1,500 people turned up to see this massive movie and it’s estimated that another 1,000 local people simply watched it from their apartments or balconies. The previous world record was held by Pinewood Studios in Middlesex, Great Britain, with a cinema screen measuring 73.1 metres wide and 18.3 metres high and with a total area of 1,338 square metres."
Via: Nokia Conversations


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