September 12, 2010

Leaked Acer Dual-screen laptop

Photo grabbed from Tech View Source

Well, what do we have here? After posting about the Toshiba Libretto being a revolutionizing technology and is surely the future of the laptops, then came Acer with a 15 inch dual touch screen notebook running with an Intel Core i5 that can rev up to 2.67 GHz putting the Toshiba Libretto & MSI's dual touch screen concept to shame and outdated.

Since this is still in its young stage of development the device is said to be "slow and buggy" so we should expect that this device or laptop's release date is no way anytime soon. It runs on Windows 7.

One cool feature though with this dual touch screen notebook is that it allows you to swap screens if you'd like to. Pretty neat right? We'll see where this 15 inches dual touch screen laptop goes and I'll keep you updated with it.

Source: Tech View Source


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