October 9, 2014


Aside from announcing the HTC Desire Eye during HTC's recent event in New York, the company also introduced a photo software called Zoe and together with the Zoe and the Eye, HTC introduced the HTC Re. It's a camera. The Re has a 16MP camera lens with an amazing 146 degree angle allowing you to not really  think about where the camera is pointed and wonder if you got the shot or not because it is that wide. The device is IPX7 Waterpoof. Waterproof, that is very different from water resistant and can be improved with the "cap" on to IPX8.

It will be available in 4 colors, Blue, Orange, Green, and White. Of course, they have other names of it but you get the point.

In terms of availability, HTC promised that it will be available globally but they did not give out the exact day that will happen. For more details about the device head over to recamera.com.


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