November 7, 2012

Google Chrome 23 released!

Google has released Chrome 23 to the world of stability, I mean to the stable world. But before I continue, let me take this opportunity to congratulate US President Barack Obama for his re-election. Anyway, back to Chrome 23. When I updated my Chrome, I immediately went to the options page to check what are the stuff added into the browser. There were two things I saw there that were not in Chrome 22. 1) The option to open the page where you left chrome and 2) the 'Do not track' option under the advanced settings page. 

Aside from those two very noticeable changes and additions to Chrome, the latest stable version of the browser has its GPU-accelerated video decoding enabled. Google says that with the test they did the feature  gave the battery (probably of the laptop they used) 25% more time than without the said feature enabled.


Chrome 23 now also makes it much easier for you to view and control permissions to a particular website by simply clicking on the left most icon located on the navigation bar. Chrome 22 had this, even Chrome 21, I believe, but back then it only contained security information about the website. Now, it has more information that it can show you. 

So update your Chromes now. I turned off automatic update on my Chrome and I cannot find where it is. Don't worry because it's a default setting when you download Chrome. Get the latest Chrome 23.0.1271.64 from the official download page. Or you can manually update your browser by clicking through Options > About Google Chrome > and wait for it to check for the update and it should then ask you to re-launch the browser.


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