September 13, 2012

Apple announced the new iPod Nano

Yesterday, the world waited, watched and wow-ed at the new products that Apple has unveiled to the world. One of those products is the new iPod Nano. Nope, it ain't iOS but Apple has done a great job in giving the Nano a revamping. The thinnest iPod ever sports a 2.5" touchscreen display and comes with Apple's new EarPods.

The new Nano will only be available in one storage capacity, at 16GB but will come in all of these different colors. You can watch your videos on it via the display that has a resolution of (240x432) at 202 ppi. It is also a voice recorder and an FM Radio! 

As for pricing, the 16GB iPod Nano in either of those colors will be sold for $149 starting in October via the online Apple Store. The iPod Shuffle might not get a new design but it now comes with these colors too. The Shuffle available starting yesterday in pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver and slate at $49 with 2GB storage.


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