June 7, 2012

The Asus Taichi dual-screen ultrabook/tablet

The new Asus TAICHI ultrabook/tablet is a dual-screen device that turns from an ultrabook into a tablet simply by opening the device. The way I understand it, when you open the device its an ultrabook, but when you close it you now face the rear display of the display which then turns the whole thing into a tablet.  Asus gives would-be-buyers the option between an 11.6" Taichi or a 13.3" one. Both displays, by the way , are FHD displays and the rear part of the display is the only part that has touchscreen functionality (which actually makes sense). The Taichi sports Intel's 3rd generation iCore processors, which means Ivy Bridges. Head over the break for more information.

"ASUS TAICHI — dual screens for a ultrabook and a multi-touch tablet in one
The ASUS TAICHI is a slim and stylish ultraportable with an astonishing key feature — both 11.6” and 13.3” models have a brilliant double-sided LED-backlit IPS/FHD display. With a touch screen on the outside of the lid, the TAICHI opens up a whole host of new mobile possibilities as it plays the role of both ultrabook and tablet.
With the lid open, the TAICHI is just like any ultrabook computer, and comes complete with a full-size QWERTY backlit keyboard and track pad. With the lid closed, however, the TAICHI instantly becomes a multi-touch tablet computer with stylus support, bringing a degree of flexibility that has never before been experienced on an ordinary ultrabook. Better still, while they provide access to the same hardware, the two screens are completely independent of each other and can also be used simultaneously, which means the Taichi can be shared with two users for a host of innovative new applications.
The TAICHI is as light and thin as the ASUS ZENBOOK™ and delivers uncompromised mobile performance, with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, fast SSD storage and dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi." - Asus

Source: Asus
Photo: Endgadget


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