January 13, 2012

HP releases WebOS 3.0.5

HP is not yet giving up on WebOS device owners evidently, the company just released a software update which will bring the system software of your WebOS devices up to WebOS 3.0.5. The update brings in improvements here and there. The update is administered OTA and is currently available to unlocked Pre 2 and to AT&T and Verizon Pre 2s and to unlocked Pre 3s. Head over here for information on what to do with the OTA update.

What to expect from WebOS 3.0.5?

  • faster switching in Calendar views; 
  • IM presence indicators and faster scrolling in Email; 
  • support for HTTP Live Streaming; 
  • the ability to easily toggle auto-correction on or off; 
  • an option you can set so that a period will be inserted when you press the space bar twice.

For more information about the update click here.


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