December 2, 2011

PHIL: Smart to launch the iPhone 4S in December 16 nationwide

So it seems that Smart finally have a deal with Apple to carry the iPhone allowing Smart customers to get an iPhone tied with Smart's plans. The network have announced over at their Facebook Page that the company is scheduled to launch nationwide the iPhone 4S come December 16. All Smart stores are expected to have stocks of the iPhone 4S by that date, if we base it on their announcement. So, Globe has put up their "reservation of interest" page and Smart announced the availability of the iPhone 4S. Tough competition in the Philippines? Considering these are the only two network carriers that are battling it all out in the market. Anyway, there is still no word of how much the iPhone 4S will cost over at Smart but I'd have to suspect that the carrier should be offering the smartphone for free on plans 3000 and above. Click here to go to Smart's dedicated page for the iPhone 4S


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