December 2, 2011

LG also offers 50GB free online storage via

LG is also offering 50GB of free online storage courtesy of Its the same thing that Sony Ericsson accidentally announced but LG's is more official with it. So, for those who owns an LG smartphone running on Android, simply download the application over at the Android Market, install the application, sign up, and you'd get your 50GB free online storage.

"LG is the third manufacturer to offer free upgrades to its customers, behind Sony Ericsson and HP. HP first offered the deal to users of the defunct TouchPad, then Sony followed with all of its XPERIA devices. (Note: the Sony deal may not be activated yet – give another try next week or so if you can’t see your extra storage.) Between the three of them hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of customers have access to a comparatively huge amount of cloud storage for free, a major boon for – and reason for its competitors to stand up and take notice." - Android Community


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