November 23, 2011

UK: [Update] Samsung Galaxy Nexus now in stock over at Clove UK and is now out of stock

Clove UK announced in November 21 that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (unlocked and SIM-free) was already available and is in stock. But, after a day of being available, the phone is now out of stock according to the current status of the Galaxy Nexus on it's dedicated page. Yeah, I apologize for posting about it this late but for those who were not able to get the first Android 4.0 device, you can still pre-order it over at Clove UK still for $514.80 (VAT inclusive). Apparently, the smartphone is showing a huge demand from customers in the UK, at least, and this is after the issues that the smartphone has with regards to its volume.

When the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was made available in the UK courtesy of Clove, Google and Samsung have announced and acknowledged the issues the device had with it's volume. That halted the shipment of the smartphones to customers in the UK. But fret not, Clove UK announced that they are now shipping the devices to customers who ordered the device with the new software that Samsung and Google worked to fix the volume issue of the Galaxy Nexus. Cheers!


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