August 14, 2011

USA: [Update: Postponed] Samsung will be hosting an event in August 29 in NY - Samsung Galaxy S II?

Samsung's most successful device to date, the Samsung Galaxy S II, is already available in markets outside the US (most of them). The question now is, when will it ever arrive in the US market? Already, we have been hearing reports, rumors, and even leaks that the Galaxy S II will be available in the US sporting different designs. Well, we will see if those are true when August 29th comes.

Samsung will be hosting an event in New York on that day and will be announcing some very major in the US market. If the "II" on the bottom part of the invitation sounds something like the Samsung Galaxy S II for you, then you might just get that on August 29th.

Source: BGR


PhoneArena got word from Samsung that the New Yorck event they were scheduled to host come August 29th is postponed due to bad weather. Samsung will be pushing the event to August 30th.


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