August 24, 2011

Facebook rolls out more Privacy options to users

Facebook have introduced more privacy options and control to your Profile and more. I still don't have these features added into my Facebook profile so here goes. Facebook will improve (when you get these updates) on your Facebook on your Profile and When you share stuff on your wall. Basically this is given you more control on privacy and to who gets to see your updates and whatnots. Head over the break and I'll try to explain what these are in more detail because this is a major improvement to the networking site.

Profile privacy controls (click on images to enlarge them)

First we dwell on improvements regarding privacy on your profile. Facebook is now allowing you to individually set privacy control on each section of your profile. Take for example the photo you see above, on the Arts and Entertainment section of that profile, she is able to set who is able to see that section of his profile. Yeah, for those who has Google+, you very well know what this is.

Facebook is also adding you the capability to choose which tags you'd want to show up on your profile or which tag you accept to be tagged on. Take for example I tag you on a photo, you will then get a notification that I tagged you and you'd be able to approve or deny that tag. This is very neat actually because I hate it when people just tag me on photos and videos.

Content tag review, this is giving you the ability to check, accept, or deny any tags on your photos or videos.

This is now available straight from your profile, the View Profile as.... feature. Before this was only accessible if you edit your privacy settings.

So that is it for all the things you should expect when you have these features on your Facebook.

Other improvements that Facebook added are for stuff you share on Facebook.

Inline controls to who can see what you share on Facebook is now inline, apparently. Before you need to go to the settings page of your Facebook to control who sees your posts. This feature will make that easier and gives you more control on who can see specific posts you are about to share. 

Here is a snippet from Facebook about stuff they have changed and added.
"Word Change: "Everyone" to "Public"

Before: You had the option to share a post with Everyone, which meant that anyone on the internet might be able to see it.

Going Forward: We are changing the name of this label from Everyone to Public so that the control is more descriptive of the behavior: anyone may see it, but not everyone will see it. This is just to make the setting more clear, and it's just a language change.

Change Your Mind After You Post?

Before: Once you posted a status update, you couldn't change who could see it.

Going Forward: Now you'll be able to change who can see any post after the fact. If you accidentally posted something to the wrong group, or changed your mind, you can adjust it with the inline control at any time.

Tag Who You're With, or What You Want to Talk About

Before: You could only tag someone if you were friends with them, and you could only tag a Page if you had liked it. This felt broken or awkward if you had a photo album of co-workers and had to become Facebook friends to tag them in the photos.

Going Forward: You can add tags of your friends or anyone else on Facebook. If you are ever tagged by a non-friend, it won't appear on your profile unless you review and approve the post."
Facebook now allows you to geo-tag each of your post. Yes, just like Google+ but like what I always say, competition is the reason why all of these stuff are coming to Facebook.

"Remove Tags or Content from Facebook

Before: When we asked, people had different ideas of what removing a tag actually did, and different motivations for wanting to remove them.

Going Forward: Your options for removing tags or content on Facebook are presented more clearly. Your options are: removing from your profile, removing the tag itself, messaging the photo owner or tagger, and requesting the content get taken down."
These are all it. A lot! Facebook is really playing head on with their competition and whats to prove that they are not just going to let Google take it all. Good job to Facebook! These privacy options actually work and I cannot wait for me to try them all out!

Source: Facebook


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