June 2, 2011

Microsoft unveils the next iteration of Windows - Windows 8

During the D9 Conference, Microsoft's Windows and Windows Live President Steven Sinofsky, unveiled and gave a demo to the crowd at the event the next iteration of Windows, Windows 8. The new platform is expected to be seen in tablets and in laptops of the future. The platform is mostly based on touch input but still carries the "old Windows" in it. 

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There have been no word about when the new OS will be launched. What I like about Windows 8 is the fact that its very modern, and carries the Windows Phone 7 essence in design and how it works. Actually there's a video that Microsoft let lose so that everyone can see and know what the new things are added into the platform. Well, just watch the video and enjoy! I know you will like it. Note: Notice how fast you can switch between apps by snapping your finger from the side of the screen.

Source: Windows Blog, YouTube (Microsoft)


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