April 22, 2011

USA: T-Mobile to launch the HTC Sensation 4G on June 8th?

Oh, the phone calendar technique again. The HTC Sensation 4G which is apparently bound for T-Mobile USA and it will be the 4G version of the recently announced HTC Sensation (obviously). So what's up with the calendar date? Does that mean the phone will be launched in the US on June 8th? Well, if you want to just believe on the photo, why not. But there's an evidence which will make this case even heavier.

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The HTC Sensation is the "rest of the world" version of the US' HTC Sensation 4G. Since that kind of phone will only be made available in the US, as far as what I know today.  A Google search result shows also that the phone will be arriving on June 8th. T-MoNews notes that this could be a European launch date but who knows really? T-Mobile said that the phone will be arriving "this Summer" but no word on what month actually but it could be June 8th.

When I get more news about the phone, which is a bit more official, I'll be blogging about it. So stay tuned!

Source: T-MoNews


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