March 23, 2011

Microsoft officially releases Windows Phone 7 "NoDo" update

Microsoft have officially released the first major update for their newest mobile OS. The update, OS version 7.0.7390.0, is the update all WP7 device users are waiting for since this update now includes the "copy and paste" feature. This update is most commonly called as the "NoDo" update in the tech world.

The update will be released globally in a staggering/rolling out fashion. Not everyone gets it at the same time. This is the version of the Windows Phone 7  that the AT&T HTC HD7S will have when launched.

The things you should expect from this update are:

  • Copy & Paste
  • Faster apps and games
  • Better Marketplace search
  • Other Marketplace improvements
  • WiFi improvements
  • Outlook improvements
  • Messaging improvements
  • Facebook integration
  • Camera improvements
  • Audio improvements
  • Other performance improvements

The update is currently available for unbranded Windows Phone 7 device which basically means those phones that do not have your network carrier's logo on it. For information about how to update your phone's software click here.

Source: Microsoft
Via: Endgadget


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