February 27, 2011

Missing TechPump's updates on Facebook?

A lot have changed with Facebook like Places, the new Messages, new Facebook profile layout, new Facebook Pages layout, and the new Photo Viewer. If you have liked TechPump's official Facebook Page to be updated with the latest in the world of gadgets and technology then I would like to say Thank You! I just want to inform everyone that along with the new things Facebook have changed, the news feed (or timeline if you will) also changed.

TechPump's news feed
Aside from the fact that you can now "Use Facebook as (your page)" there is quite an important improvement that Facebook made with their site and how they show news feeds on your homepage. Facebook, only shows news feeds from pages you have liked (Ok? then?) but with an addition that it will only show updates from pages that you have "recently" interacted with (Liked, commented, and whatnots). So, you might be wondering why you are not getting updates from TechPump's Facebook page? This might be the reason. Of course, there is a work around to that.

Off Limits is a group I've made
On the upper right corner, just above your news feed, you will be able to find this drop down option where you can edit stuff that shows up on your news feed. After clicking on the arrow button just beside "Most Recent" click on Edit Options.

This box should show up. If you want to let TechPump's updates to show up on your news feed make sure you choose "All of your friends and pages" option. This option will now display all of the pages you have liked on your news feed, of course, you don't want to miss an update that TechPump spits out right? 

Below is a link where you can like TechPump on Facebook, and please don't forget to follow TP on Twitter! 

Thank You!


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