February 28, 2011

[Updated] iPhone 5 front parts leaked

We love rumors don't we specially when it's about an iPhone. We know already that it is imminent that the next iteration of the iPhone 4 is coming but we don't really know how the phone will look like up front. Thanks to 9to5Mac we have alleged photos of the iPhone 5, well it's front part and a mock up after the break.

If this is to be believed then that will be how the iPhone 5 will look like. It was already rumored that the handset will sport a larger screen than it's predecessors do. As you can see in the photo the handset will feature an edge-to-edge screen design and personally? I do not like it. Well, this is just a rumor, and we might have a different iPhone 5 coming to Earth which is said to be announced by June.

Until the time Apple unveils the iPhone 5, we are left with leaks and rumors. Regardless, I'll take them.

Update: BGR said that the photo (first photo) is a product of photoshop. So, if you are one of those who does not like the iPhone 5 to look like that then you can breath a lot easier now.

Source: BGR


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