January 29, 2011

New Facebook Messages have started rolling out globally

I just activated my second Facebook email address earlier. Yup, I have two Facebook accounts (don't tell anyone), one is a further reach of my blog and the other is for my personal and private affairs. I was lucky enough to try out the new Facebook Messages which includes an @facebook email address earlier than most of the people I knew, that was last year a few weeks after the service was announced and launched.

Eventually, each Facebook user will get the new messages service but that will have to be released gradually, since we all know how many Facebook users are there right? Facebook will eventually be an entirely new experience for all the users since the site will also roll out gradually the new Facebook profile.

Anyway, Facebook have started to roll out the said service to the world. You will be receiving a notification that the new messages have arrived on your Facebook. If you already have a URL or a username then everything will be much easier because it will just ask you to activate the @facebook email address with your username (different from your FB profile name). If you can't remember if you have changed your username which will make your FB profile URL shorter and more personal, you can check or change (provided you have not changed it yet) by going to http://facebook.com/username

The new messages, personally, is much easier to use, chats, private messages, and emails sent to your username@facebook.com address will all end up on your facebook messages app. To check out it's feature click here.

Source: Neowin


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