January 29, 2011

Microsoft to launch Internet Explorer 9 RC on February 10th

Microsoft's Internet Explorer, although still the most used browser in the world, is clinging on to it's top spot as the queen of web browsing. Hopes with the browser are still high up there and personally, I believe in Microsoft's capability to give as a browser that will truly compete with Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Released back in September of 2010, the Internet Explorer 9 beta is a complete transformation from the older versions of IE. The browser, of course, works very well with Windows 7 and has a native look and feel with the OS. Not only did the browser got revamped on how it looks, basically where things like the address bar is placed and buttons that looks much more modern than the IE 8, but it got a lot speedier and a lot easier to use.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about the success story of the browser, but I am here to talk about IE 9 being a step closer to being out from it's beta phase. Many, including me, have been complaining about the browser's stability, it often crash and lag most specially when a lot of websites are open on different tabs. But with IE 9's HTML 5 support and hardware acceleration I was in love with the browser. Webpage rendering is noticeably faster compared to other browsers that, at that time did not have hardware acceleration.

Now for the news, Microsoft have started giving out invites to an Internet Explorer 9 event which will be held in San Francisco on February 10th. My source have said that it will be the IE 9's RC launching day. By RC we mean Release Candidate, which is a version of IE 9 that will be a candidate for final release, unless bugs show up. I am expecting a very good IE 9 RC on February 10th so Microsoft, do not disappoint me.

Source: Neowin


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