November 30, 2010

Facebook Code revives rumors that Facebook and Skype will offer video chat

A lot of third party apps are all over Facebook to offer users to have that video chat feature within Facebook. Unfortunately, those apps, although promising, come unnoticed and do not really get that much attention from Facebook users.

 In a response, Facebook "might" be starting to give us that all awaited video chat feature within their existing chat service. After Skype's version which features a deep Facebook integration, those codes that are in the photo are discovered.

A Facebook app developer Tal Alter disdcovered them. Called Video Chat he said that those codes ""appears to have everything needed to introduce video chatting functionality". The feature is said to b e powered by Skype. With that in mind we should expect good video chat quality from this feature.

So this might mean that a video chat feature is actually inevitable from Facebook. A lot of you are asking and have been wanting this feature so this post right here is good news for you all.

Source: Gizmodo


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