August 29, 2010

Foursquare not giving up yet over Facebook war

Photo grabbed from Tech Crunch
"You might have won the battle but the war is not over" - this is a quotation I do not know who uttered and Foursquare with that basketballer guy is not giving up the fight between Facebook and its Facebook Places app that are both location based apps/sites. The photo you see above is Foursquare's attempt into maybe saying, Hey Facebook we are not done yet. The massive advertising campaign is in New York's, Times Square. Foursquare in Times Square, perfect place to advertise where they both sound a like. Anyway, Facebook is literally hitting everybody else on the internet. If there's Formspring then their will be Facebook answers. An app dedicated in questions and answer just like Formspring does and now they have Facebook Places. Oh well, that I think is a basic example to market competition. Let them be. Its fun.
Talking about Foursquare, I made an account and deleted it after a day. I can't seen to understand the whole thing. It made me confused. So yeah there. If your enjoying Foursquare, good for you, I ain't enjoying it.
Via: Tech Crunch


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