February 23, 2013

Chrome 25 now available for download!

Google has promoted Chrome 25 to the stable world and is now available for download. One of the things they have added into this version of Chrome is Voice recognition support to web apps. This is something I don't really use but for some, this is great news. The thing I like is the "No more silent extension installs". I hate this now that Chrome 25 is here, this is great! You ever experienced a time when you install a software on your Windows PC and then that software has a Chrome extension that immediately appears or gets installed on your Chrome? Well, Google does not allow that in Chrome 25 anymore. If you want that software's extension to be installed on Chrome, then you will have to permit it. Some of these extensions can actually be disabled during the installation process of the software on your PC but sometimes they don't have that. You can now update your Chromes to Chrome 25 by download it here.


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