October 27, 2012

The world is ready for Windows 8

Yesterday, or 2 days ago, the world's largest software company launched and made Windows 8 available to the world with an event in New York. For those who are very eager to get Windows 8 into their PCs head over to http://microsoft.com to download it. The minimum requirements for the OS to work in a device is listed there. Of course, Windows 8 works best with a touchscreen PC but it should also work fine if it does not support the multi-touch functionality. I love Windows 8! And Microsoft will not just let the PC die just like that, hence, Windows 8. So yeah! Horay for Windows 8.

Aside from a completely new UI and a completely new way of using the operating system the world has learned to love and use, Windows 8 also comes in a lot of new form factors. From All-in-ones to tablets, Windows 8 should be, like any other Windows, found every where. With the launching of the OS, Microsoft also made available Internet Explorer 10. IE 10 is currently only available to Windows 8, though.


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