June 23, 2012

LG's Quick Voice takes on Apple's Siri and Samsung's S Voice

In economics, one of the factors for a market to be perfectly competitive is that in the market the products are the same, in fact exactly the same. In the mobile world, it seems like we are nearing that kind of market. After Apple announcing Siri and porting it to the iPhone 4S, Samsung came with their own feature in the Samsung Galaxy S III, dubbed as the S Voice. Personally, this news came as a surprise, but not that much. LG has unveiled their own version of Siri and S Voice, dubbed as the Quick Voice. With those statements, do I really still need to explain what Quick Voice can do? I think I don't. The feature will be coming to LG smartphones and Android devices as an update and will first be rolled out to the Korean market. According to PocketLint, Quick Voice will first appear to the Optimus Vu.

"LG says that initially Quick Voice will be able to be used with 11 different applications, including phone calls, address books and the calendar. " - PocketLint


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