June 7, 2012

HTC gets license of Sony's PlayStation Certified Program

I am not sure about what I will be saying here but I believe HTC is the first phone maker to get a license from Sony on their PlayStation Certified program. We all know how licensing works, right? Yup, Sony will let that program be licensed and by licensing it allows companies to actually use the service or technology and incorporate it into their products. So, there is already a lot going on with HTC. First they got Beats now they have a license from Sony.

HTC did not say anything or was silent about the devices that will get incorporated with this service from Sony.  But if they did, these devices will then get access to Sony PlayStation games and can then play them right on their HTC devices.

For that, we will have to wait for HTC to officially announce these devices. That would be exciting. Sony actually announced this, so if you want to read their full press release, click here.

Via: UV


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