June 2, 2012

HTC concept phone/tablet revealed - The Samsung Galaxy Note killer

This is something not-so-official that I just cannot let pass by. Its a concept and of course any company who is working on a concept will not say anything or will not really reveal it to the public util the time they are sure that the device will eventually make it out the store shelves. Anyway, this is HTCs answer, hopefully, to the popular Samsung Galaxy Note. The smartphone/tablet device that gives owners 5.3" of display real estate. If you think that the Galaxy Note's display is small then this device from HTC will probably be OK for you.

Yup! This HTC will sport a larger 5.4" Full HD IPS display. That is 0.1 of an inch larger than the Galaxy Note's. Not much but it will definitely be noticeable. Anyway, with regards to the design, this HTC, I should say, goes away from that usual HTC-ish design we see on their devices. Less curvy and more straight forward. Kinda like an industrial as what they would like to call it.

If HTC can maintain this thinness this would be a great device to challenge the Galaxy Note and, I forgot, the LG Optimus Vu.

So far, I really do not have any idea with regards to the device's specs, well it's a concept so we are merely left with images. And boy do I love them. I will surely be blogging about this device when it becomes a bit more official than just these concept images.


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