June 7, 2012

Firefox 13 officially released - home page and new tab page gets a revamp

I can't really say if Firefox is the last browser to implement this feature into their browser. If my chronological memory would serve me right, I think IE 9 started this first (with their most visited site page), then Opera (speed dial), and then Google Chrome. Anyway, Firefox 13 was officially released yesterday, I believe, and can now be downloaded. For those who are already using Firefox it is simple to get FF 13, it would be just like an update. Click through the Firefox Button > Help > About Firefox > it will then check for updates and if any, will install it for you.

The Homepage is different from the New Tab Page, the Homepage will now feature buttons for easy access to some of your stuff on Firefox like your downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, and the settings button.

Anyway, get your Firefox 13 now! Or if you still do not have it, download it from here.

Source: Mozilla


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