February 28, 2012

HTC says yes to microSIMs and no to microSD cards

According to a Pocket-Lint report, the Taiwanese phone maker has started t embrace the microSIM technology in an effort to get more space from the inside of their smartphones. HTC at the MWC 2012 has announced their new line of Android smartphones named the "One" series with 3 of them already announced. These smartphones are the HTC One V, One S, and the One X (which in the US will be called the One XL). Two of these devices with the exemption of the HTC One V will all use microSIMs. Likewise, two of these smartphones with the exemption of the HTC One V, will not support microSD cards (meaning they won't have microSD card slots).

Apparently, this smartphone will be the only smartphone that HTC recently announced to be more of an "Android standard". It uses a normal SIM card and supports microSD cards. The ditching of the microSD card support, as far as I can remember, was started in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Anyway, let's not see this as something of a backward technology. What I see in the future though is that smartphones will be sporting larger and larger internal storage and will ultimately ditch and forget microSDs or memory cards for that matter.


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