December 1, 2011

USA: Asus Transformer Prime to be released in the US in December 19th says Asus

The world's most powerful device yet will be launched in the US in December 19th according to Asus. The tablet which sports nVidia's Tegra 3 quad-core processor is already available for pre-order in various retailers in the US; Asus, Best Buy, Amazon, and on Newegg. SlashGear was able to do a hands-on and most probably they will be reviewing the device too with that they were able to put side to side the original Transformer and the Transformer Prime and not a lot might have changed but definitely they are changes that are noticeable (video after the break).

Here is what Asus said regarding the availability of the tablet.
“We expect availability to start the week of 12/19 based on the pre-orders and inbound shipment schedules.” – ASUS


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