December 9, 2011

Facebook for Android gets an update - faster with a new revamped UI

Facebook has released an update to their Facebook for Android app. The update brings in a newly revamped UI of the application and is expected to work faster and allow users to easily view photos, get messages, and navigate around the app.

With the new app, Facebook is promising that photos would load up to two times faster as compared to the old application. Also, Facebook makes it easier for us to view comments and edit captions.

Remember where notifications on the old application is? You really have to go at the "homepage" of the application to view notifications. With the new application, the notification is now located at the top of the screen allowing us to view, respond, and be updated to what's the latest things happening on Facebook without having to leave the current page you are in. This also applied to messages.

The photo above is almost self explanatory. The new application now allows us to access the "menu" on Facebook for Android. This will show News Feeds, Messages, and etc. You can access this by simply swiping from the left side of the app.

This update is a great improvement to the application, because I never really totally liked the Facebook application. So for those who owns an Android smartphone, head over to the Android Market to download the updated Facebook for Android.


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