November 17, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N to launch in Germany next week

Yup! It's a redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is soon to be launched by the Korean-company in Germany by next week. You all know that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is currently banned in the German market. Not only is the tablet banned in Germany but it is also restricted from being sold in the Australian market. So, what Samsung did was to redesign the tablet and named it the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. 

Galaxy Tab 10.1N (top), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (bottom)
It's clear what Samsung changed physically but it is unclear if Samsung did some tweaks inside the tablet. I think, Samsung did nothing inside it and it is still the Galaxy Tab 10.1 just with a different design. Actually, personally, the 10.1N is better in design, I mean it's less boring than the original 10.1. Anyway, the tablet is priced in Germany for €549 for the 3G+WiFi version and for €500 for the WiFi-only version.

Source: CyberPort


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