September 20, 2011

Google launches Google Wallet turning your smartphone into your wallet

Google officially launched the app that will turn your Android smartphone into a wallet, the Google Wallet. The application works with your smartphone that has the NFC technology (Near Field Communication) allowing you to tap your phone in order to pay when you need to pay. If you are a Sprint Nexus S 4G owner, then good news, because the first version of the application will be rolled out to all Nexus S 4G.

Google also partnered with CitiBank Mastercard so that you can basically put your CitiBank Mastercard credit card to your Google Wallet app. If you don't have a credit card, Google also has the Google Prepaid card which will come free with a $10 bonus in it as there way to say thank you for the early adopters.Watch the video below to get more info about this cool and genius concept from Google.

Head over to the Google Wallet website for additional information. Also, click on our trusty source links below for extra information. Sprint also has a press release with regards to the Google Wallet.

Source: Google, Sprint (press release)


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