July 30, 2011

Samsung officially announces the White Galaxy S II will launch in the UK on September 1

Yes, and just like that, Samsung has officially announced the White version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. After being talked about yesterday (or a few days back on other techblogs), this must be the quickest device to be leaked and then officially announced. Ok, I know I am exaggerating but yeah, officially the phone will be launched in the UK come September 1.

We already know that there is absolutely no difference between this Galaxy S II to the black one (the original) except for the color. And if you ask how much the smartphone would cost, then Clove has the answer. They will be offering the White SGS II for £492 and that will be for a SIM-free and unlocked White SGS II.

These Brits are really lucky aren't they? They always get the first phone available in their country, which is nice. So for those Brits who wants to get that White SGS II as their own, head over to Clove and check out what they are offering you.

Source: UV


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