May 4, 2011

Opera Next now available for download! Opera 11.50 alpha

Opera have release the Opera 11.50 alpha browser which is part of is their Opera Next program that allows users to get the first taste of what's next to come in Opera. Opera Next (Opera 11.50) is Opera's equivalent of Google Chrome Dev or Canary Build. Just like Chrome Canary Build, Opera Next is an independent browser in your machine which means that if you have the existing or the stable version of Opera installed, installing Opera Next will not replace that version of Opera instead the two of them can run on your machine simultaneously.

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One of the most noticeable features of Opera Next, aside from it's use of different colors (probably to distinguish the two versions of the browser if you have them both installed on your machine) is the available speed-dial extensions for Opera Next. As you can see in the photo above, Opera Next gets the blue color (Opera button) and aside from that I got the weather speed dial extension installed. Pretty neat isn't it?

Of course, this version of Opera gets all the existing technologies that the company has for their browsers like Opera Turbo, Unit, and more. To download and install Opera Next head over to the official download page and get your Opera Next operational and kicking!

Source: Opera


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