May 22, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 5 enters beta - officially released

Mozilla have just officially released to it's beta phase the Firefox 5 browser. The browser giant have just recently released Firefox 4 but that, of course, did not stop the company from spitting out Firefox 5 into beta. The beta channel is one of the two channels that Firefox currently has. It works the same as what Google have implemented into the 4 channels of Google Chrome has. The other channel that Firefox currently have is the Firefox Aurora which is the fastest and the first to get the latest and the most unstable version of the browser (equivalent to Chrome's Canary Build). Before, they have the Firefox Nightly, which was the most and the fastest channel that gets updated, even faster than that of Firefox Aurora. But it seems Mozilla took that down.

Anyway, you can download Firefox 5 beta here
"This release includes the Firefox channel switcher, performance and stability enhancements and support for the new CSS Animations standard to allow developers build more amazing Web experiences. The new Firefox channel switcher lets users move between Firefox Aurora, Beta and Release channels to test features at various levels of development, quality and polish."

Source: Firefox


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