May 23, 2011

LG Genesis press photos released ahead of US Cellular launch

The LG Genesis rumored and leaked to be heading to US Cellular, is now nearing it's launch date (I think) since the phone's press photos have been released by no less than LG itself. Anyway, the LG Genesis is a clamshell type Android smartphone featuring two touchscreen displays. Even if an official launch date is not yet known, the carrier branding on the phone is evidence enough that the phone will be offered by US Cellular.

"According to Android Central, the Froyo-powered Genesis will cost a relatively steep $249.99 on contract whenever US Cellular releases it, making it the carrier's most expensive handset. With a 1GHz processor and dual 3.2- and 3.5-inch screens, though, you are getting more hardware than most phones. Still no word on whether or not we'll see this revived on Verizon as the VS761 (Genesis is US760). "

Source: PocketNow


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