April 20, 2011

White iPhone spotted running on iOS 5? Sports a 64GB storage?

I purposely delayed my post about this because I knew things will be updated and viola! They did! The White iPhone you see in the photo is from a Vietnamese site tinhte.vn. We already know that the White iPhone 4 is coming to markets soon and by just looking at the photo you'd say that it's that white iPhone 4. But if you take a closer look, it has something that all other iPhones you see does not have. 

Yes, it's the iOS, it seems it looks different. Well, it really looks different, because according to the Viatnamese website the phone runs on a "test version of next generation iPhone". This version of the iOS is also said to be released by Apple within this year, maybe this will be put into the iPhone 5 or maybe the phone you see is the iPhone 5 itself, who knows?

SlashGear, is open with the idea that this might not be an official "test version" of the iOS. They said this could only be a multitasking UI. But if they are wrong then it's good to know that Apple have done something really different with the iOS, which it truly deserves.

There are two videos that comes with this news (videos are posted below). The second video shows us that the platform has Facebook integration in it. Instead of just being an app on your iPhone or iOS devices, Facebook is more deeply integrated into the platform just like what Android has.

The phone is also sporting a 64GB storage.

Anyway, without any further adieu, I present to you the videos.

Source: Tinhte
Via: SlashGear, BGR

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