March 31, 2011

[Updated] Angry Birds Rio now available at the Android Market

So, Rovio have announced yesterday that Angry Birds Rio will be launched on Android today and yes it is! Angry Birds Rio is now available for download via the Android Market. But remember guys that the game will be exclusively available at the Amazon App Store for Android devices. Comments on Android Central's report testifies that and it was actually announced too. For Angry Birds fanatics and for Android this is your time to get a taste of the very addictive game from Rovio. Click on the source link below for the download links.

Source: Android Central

Update: Just to clarify things Unwired View's post helped me a lot in understanding this. Was a bit unsure of what I posted up there so to clarify things up, UV, said that the game is actually free but it supports ads. The new version of the game also has 60 new levels and new characters! And finally, I have the Android Market link that works when accessed through your PCs. Enjoy!


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