February 23, 2011

2012 London Olympics the most expensive Olympic Game ever

I know this is very out of topic and is not about technology or gadgets but forgive me for posting this, I love the Olympics, specially when cities bid to host the games (Rio 2016!). Anyway, I think you would agree with me that the 2008 Beijing Olympics really set standards. They really blew everyone away during the event with a stadium that rocks (Bird's Nest) and an Aquatic Center that is eye popping. Well, the next city to host the Olympics is London this will be the city's 3rd time to host the modern Olympic Games. 

The 2012 London Olympics is touted to be the most expensive Olympic Games ever why? Because the tickets being sold during the Olympics games is mind boggling. The official prestige tickets which includes food, drinks and a seat will cost you £4,500 per person. But there is no single £4,500 prestige seats available, you gotta buy it in blocks of at least 10 but this is yet to be confirmed.

"Not only that, but onerous conditions of purchase mean that any individual or firm wanting to watch the 2012 opening or closing ceremonies with hospitality must pay at least £270,000, because seats for other events must be bought at the same time. " - The Daily Mail

The ticker prices does not include 20% taxes so the £4,500 prestige seats will cost £5,400 with tax. And...

"The £270,000 figure is calculated because anyone wanting to see one 2012 ceremony must buy seats for the other, plus seats for at least four other A-rated events, for a minimum of 10 people per event. So, 10 tickets for six events at £4,500 each works out at £270,000." - The Daily Mail
So anyone planning to go to London and watch the games? You still have exactly 521 days to save.

Source: The Daily Mail


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