November 13, 2010

Apple iOS 4.2 release is delayed blame it to the iPad

Apple promised but, unfortunately, have failed to deliver. For Apple mobile device users, your expectation of the iOS 4.2 release day is moved from today to "within the next few weeks". The problem is from the device you see in the photo. The Gold Master version of the iOS 4.2 have been release as scheduled but Apple have found problems with the OS running on the iPad which the version is most intended for. The iOS 4.2 have been reported to suffer from a WiFi bug where the device can normally connect to a WiFi hotspot but could not do anything after establishing the connection. That's like connecting to a wireless router without a modem connected to it. Anyway Apple should be working on it right and the release of the iOS 4.2 is still expected to come, again, "within the next few weeks". 

Source: Endgadget



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