November 24, 2010

Acer unveils their Toshiba Libretto challenger: Acer Iconia dual touch screen laptop

Remember the dual-touchscreen laptop by Toshiba, the Libretto? Acer has their own version for that. Leaked before, the Acer Inconia is a dual-toucscreen laptop, yup dual touchscreen. You won't be able to find any physical keyboard on this device it got ditched and replaced by a screen.

During Acer's Global press event which is actually happening right now, they actually unveiled tons of touch screen devices, from smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This post will be about the laptop, apparently. It runs on Windows 7 and that's as much as what we can get from this device right now. Specs and whatnots will come soon, when the event is done of course. So dual touch screen devices/laptops are coming into the scene, starting with the Toshiba Libretto. What has this Acer Iconia that will lure us from buying it? I will update you all if their are any, of course.

Update: With Endgadget's first hands-on with the dual-touch screen laptop, it seems Acer have put some UI overlay on the Windows 7 OS which is actually good since Toshiba's Libretto is reviewed badly primarily because its difficult to navigate through Windows 7's UI (with no overlays) by means of touching. Kodus to Acer.

Source: Endgadget



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