August 28, 2010

The Sony Ericsson Xperia 10, Xperia 8, Xperia Mini, and Xperia Mini Pro gets my battering

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I will first talk about the Sony Ericsson Xperia 8 because it will soon hit US shores. Known before as "Shakira" for reasons I do not know of, is a chunky smartphone running on Android 1.6 just like its mother, the Xperia 10. Sony Ericsson by the way have their own skin over the Android OS (see photo). Just like HTC & Acer has on their own Android smartphones. Since the Xperia 8 is the smaller version of its mother the Xperia 10 which features a 4 inch touchscreen display this has a 3 inch touchscreen display. This phone is powered by a 600MHz CPU and its screen is a TFT LCD. A 3.2 MP camera, no mention of RAM though, I can't find anything on my sources about its RAM.

Photo URL grabbed from Endgadget

Unfortunately for Sony Ericsson, their, supposedly, jaw dropping and show stealer smartphone, SE Xperia 10, should have sold like hotcakes if it was released in late 2009. And again unfortunately for SE, the show was stolen from them when HTC caught up from behind with their release of the HTC Desire which is better between the two. The Xperia 10 has higher specs than the X8, as expected. Yet, the X10 is kind of an outdated phone from what everyone can buy on the market today. Yes X10 received great reviews with flying colors, the main thing that's setting it back is the outdated Android version and the outdated and the lesser preferred TFT LCD touchscreen display, this is so yesterday compared to what we have right now. It might be powered with a speedy 1GHz Snapdragon CPU but actually there are things that keeps it slow though, thus, SE's release of a software update (not Android OS update) which is reportedly to make the phone work and perform faster. The promised Android 2.1 on Q3 of 2010 is still outdated, since the HTC Desire was launched and released with Android 2.1 and will be getting, actually is already getting Android 2.2 updates. Too bad for Sony Ericsson, this could have been iPhone's competition if it was released on the right time.

Photo URL grabbed from Endgadget

Aside from the above mentioned Xperia-s there are 2 more Xperias, the Xperia Mini, and Mini pro. It has identical specs from that of the Xperia 8 but the diff is that its smaller than Xperia 8. The minis have a 2.5 inch TFT LCD touchscreen display, a 3.2 MP camera and both are powered with a 600MHz CPU. The Xperia 8, Mini, and Mini Pro are dubbed as a low-end smartphone from their mother, the SE X10. Anyway to give you an idea of the difference between the Mini and the Mini Pro, the Pro has a physical slide out QWERTY keyboard, compared to the Mini's touchscreen only interface. Amazing? Nope, its weird. Anyway, that's SE's way of doing things so I'll leave it to them.

So, what have I got to say to Sony Ericsson is that they do not have Steve Jobs' marketing intelligence and timing, and HTC's competitiveness and quick response to the ever changing world, not to mention the tech world.

If I were to choose a phone brand today as my top 3? I'd give #1 to Samsung, they are already up there with the other leading mobile phone manufacturers. #2 goes to HTC for their brilliance. and lastly #4 goes to a phone brand that I still am thinking who deserves my third spot.

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