August 31, 2010

September 8th is the day when all the Galaxy S-es will sell together - Launch of the Samsung Fascinate

Last, yes last. The Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate for Verizon will be launched on September 8th. I'm sorry I did not post about the Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G launched today over at Sprint. Since the two other Galaxy S-es are already selling over at AT&T and T-Mobile, the Samsung Captivate and Vibrant respectively, this means that on September 8th all, yes all, Galaxy S will be available to US consumers. That's the time that Samsung should be expecting more and more customers asking for their smartphones and start to see an increase in Galaxy S sales increase. 

Photo grabbed from Unwired View

The Captivate and the Vibrant are already selling like hotcakes, with 1 Million of them shipped. The Epic 4G's, Sprint's second 4G phone along side the HTC Evo 4G, and the Fascinate's addition in completion of the whole Galaxy S line's complete availability will really make Samsung a busy mobile phone provider in the US. Anyway, as what I have said all the Galaxy S-es will feature the same features and since I have posted a lot of blogs about their specifications I don't want to utter them again. But will glue a photo that shows the specs of the Samsung Fascinate.

Photo grabbed from Unwired View

Via: Unwired View


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