August 30, 2010

Mazda Shinari concept to be launched in the Paris Motor Show

Photo grabbed from Autoblog

I'm confused yet again. Wikipedia said, that the Paris Motor Show will be happening from Oct 2 - 17 of this year and my source for this post said "later this month". Anyway its not about the Show its about this pretty baby from Mazda I will be posting about.

After Laurens van den Acker parted ways with Mazda off to Renault, Mazda has hired a new designer, Ikuo Maeda. Just like in Formula 1 if a team gets a new designer, the look and apprently the design of the team's car changes dramatically. Well, that principle goes to Mazda too. With a new designer, comes new ides, with new ides come new concepts, the result? The Mazda Shinari Concept. Acker's works and designs can be seen around the world today. The Mazda 3 and the other Mazda's during that generation was all Acker's design and work. But as what I have said, a new designer comes new cars. So viola, the Mazda Shinari. Its a four door sedan with that very aggresive and very "headturning" front/bonnet design will really freak side street walkers. Anyway watch out for this car passing by you anytime within this year or whenever.

Via: Autoblog


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