August 30, 2010

Google Chrome 7 reportedly to use GPU to increase browsing speed

Photo grabbed from PCWorld

The previous post and this one is somehow related. After posting about AMD killing ATI, here comes Google with their own news about GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit). Anyway, Google Chrome has announced that their Chrome 7 (the successor of the Chrome 6 Beta) will incorporate the use of your computer's GPU/Video cards to speed up browsing. This news came after Microsoft and Mozilla announcing that they are planning to incorporate GPU usage in web browsing to speed things up. Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta has this technology incorporated with their browser which you can download here as what my source said. I have Firefox 4 Beta 4 and unfortunately, its giving me disappointments after disappointments. I ain't gonna talk about it though. 

Microsoft on the other hand is still prepping up their "GPU powered" browser with the ever exciting release of their Internet Explorer 9 scheduled in September 15, 2010. I hope that by then Chrome has the GPU powered Chrome 7 so that I will be able to test run them three and see who reigns supreme in the browsing department of the internet with GPU powered browsing.

Via: Tech Radar


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