August 30, 2010

AMD kills its brother, ATI

Photo grabbed from Endgadget

ATI, was a Canadian major designer and producer of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) or video cards, but now its a subsidiary of AMD when AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) acquired ATI in 2006. AMD named their graphics cards ATI, hence we still see the ATI brand even after its acquisition. But recently AMD announced that they will now stop using the ATI brand in their GPUs and would name their succeeding GPUs as AMD. So today, we guys will never be confused with NVIDIA, AMD, and ATI. NVIDIA, is AMD's major competitor and the two have been battling it out in the GPUs market/industry. 

Photo grabbed from Tech Radar

Anyway, the AMD-ATI made myself confused. I thought that the two brands/companies are of two separate entities, this news right here made everything clear. I was always confused, ATI Radeon or AMD Radeon, which is which? But anyway, so there it is, AMD puts ATI to the trash bin and ATI will never see light again. Which means to us consumers, less confusion, less logos to look at, if its red with Radeon or AMD, you know what it is.

Via: Endgadget, Tech Radar


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