September 8, 2012

USA & UK: Sony's Xperia Table S now available

Well, that was quick! Sony Mobile Communication in the USA and in the UK has made the Sony Xperia Tablet S available! The US Sony online store puts up 3 versions of the Xperia Tablet S, which was announced during IFA 2012, there's a 16GB, 32GB, and a 64GB version of the tablet. As for pricing the 16GB is priced at $399.99, the 32GB at $499.99, the 64GB at $599.99.

In the UK, Sony has posted 3 versions of the Xperia Tablet S too but one of them sports 3G connectivity. These versions are the 16GB WiFi, 32GB WiFi, and the 16GB with 3G versions. As for pricing, the 16GB WiFi-only is priced at £329, the 32GB WiFI-only at £379, and the 16GB WiFi+3G at £429. All prices are VAT inclusive.

Via: PocketNow, UV


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