September 1, 2012

IFA 2012: Dell announces the Dell XPS Duo 10 and Duo 12 Windows 8 tablets

Dell, at IFA 2012, unveiled two Windows 8 tablets by the name of the Dell XPS Duo 10 and the XPS Duo 12. The difference? The Duo 10 is a tablet with a keyboard dock while the Duo 12 is also a tablet but with a built in keyboard dock and has this very unique swiveling action to turn it from a tablet into a full-pledge netbook or laptop, whatever you want to call it. That swiveling Duo 12 is not really new, Dell also announced back in 2010 the Dell Inspiron Duo, that I believe never made it to the market. It was suppose to run on Windows 7. Now, since Microsoft has Windows 8, a platform perfect for either a Laptop, Desktop, and a Tablet, Dell now has the XPS Duo. 

Dell XPS Duo 10
The Duo 10, as seen on the photo, runs on Windows 8. Dell was silent about the specs. But I can tell this has a 10" display.

The Duo 12 features a 12.5" HD display and apparently runs on Windows 8. According to Endgadget, the processor in this device can vary, depending, probably, on your taste. You can either get it with an Intel Core i7 CPU or a Qualcomm Snapdragon. I am not sure though but that is how I understood it.

More details about the specs should come from Dell, when these are launched. Dell said in their presser that they will be available to customers come October of this year.


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