July 18, 2012

Firefox 14 released brings in minor UI changes and makes Google searches more secure

Mozilla has released Firefox 14 and is now available for download! There is not much of a major update or feature that comes with this update to Firefox. If you are not an avid user of the browser, you wouldn't even notice that they have changed a bit on the UI. Not everything was changed though, it's minute, it's how the browser displays the icons on the left side of the URL bar. You can learn more about that new UI here. Another feature brought in by this update is that Firefox assures you of a more secure Google searches. Google is just the start, they plan to partner with more search engines in succeeding updates. So, Firefox users, what are you waiting for? Update your browsers now by clicking through the Firefox Button > Help > About Firefox. Or you can download it from the official download page.


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